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IRS Prohibits Reimbursement of Individual Health Plan Premiums – Limited Transition Relief Available for Small Employers

Earlier this year, the IRS issued Notice 2015-17 (the “Notice”), which addresses employer direct payment or reimbursement of individual health plan premiums. Prior to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), employers were allowed to reimburse premiums paid for individual coverage on a tax-favored basis. Many small employers adopted this type of arrangement rather than sponsoring a group health plan. However, the Notice Read More

May 2015 Newsletter | Revenue-Procedure 2015-27: IRS Updates Qualified Retirement Plan Correction Program

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April 2015 Newsletter | DOL Issues New Proposed Fiduciary Standard

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March 2015 Newsletter | Employers Prepare for 2015 ACA Reporting Requirements

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November 2014 Newsletter | Fourth Quarter Compliance Calendar for Retirement and Health and Welfare Plans

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Phantom Equity Plan?

I was recently asked to describe the advantages and disadvantages of a phantom equity plan. Phantom equity plans are particularly useful for private companies without publicly traded shares of stock.  Privately held companies have unique organizational traits that require a substantially different approach to executive compensation. Often, executive compensation arrangements that are appropriate in a publicly Read More

October 2014 Newsletter | IRS Releases 2015 Retirement Plan Limits

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August 2014 Newsletter | Determining Which Employers Are Subject to ACA Pay or Play Rules

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July 2014 Newsletter | ACA and the Potential for Litigation: ERISA Section 510

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June 2014 Newsletter | Third Quarter Compliance Calendar for Retirement and Health and Welfare Plans

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