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What is the Safe Harbor Method for Determining FTE Status for Ongoing Employees?

The requirement that employers provide affordable health insurance to employees (the "Employer Mandate") and the associated "pay or play" penalty under health care reform has been delayed until 2015. Whether an employer is subject to the Employer Mandate along with the amount of the Employer Mandate penalty (if any) will be determined by the number of an employer's full-time employees (FTEs). The Department of Read More

When Should a Company Consider Restricted Stock Grants to Executives?

Restricted stock grants (RSGs) are one of the most common forms of equity compensation in publicly traded companies. More than two-thirds of large publicly traded companies and half of small companies use RSGs. Generally, restricted stock grants provide executives grants of shares of stock that are subject to forfeiture unless certain conditions are satisfied.  The shares become available to the executive as the Read More

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