Women’s Soccer CBA Talks to Continue After Missed Deadline

The U.S. Soccer Federation and the U.S. National Women’s National Team Players Association failed to meet a March 31 deadline to reach a new collective bargaining agreement. The parties need to reach a new agreement that equalizes pay between female and male soccer players, to finalize a $24 million equal pay settlement, in order to end a long-running gender discrimination claim. March 31 was the expiration date of Read More

Imperial Pacific Casino Moves to Dismiss Unequal Pay Suit

A Hong-Kong based company has filed a motion to dismiss an employment discrimination lawsuit based on unequal pay. Turkish employees allege that Imperial Pacific Casino paid them less than their Taiwanese counterparts under company policies. In Genc et al. v. Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC et al., case number 1:22-cv-00002, which is pending before the U.S. District Court for the Northern Mariana Read More

Hotel Must Pay Workers Severance While Challenging NYC Law

A federal judge has denied a motion for a preliminary injunction by the Roosevelt Hotel, which sought to avoid paying its laid-off workers while challenging a law requiring them to do so. The ruling came in the case of RHC Operating LLC v. City Of New York et al., case number 1:21-cv-09322, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. The judge ruled that New York City can continue to enforce the law Read More

Unprecedented Wave of Trials Approaches in Opioid Crisis Litigation

Landmark verdicts and settlements already have occurred in widespread opioid litigation against big pharmaceutical companies. That trend continues as those companies brace for yet another massive wave of trials in upcoming weeks. Calendars from March to May in some of the country’s most significant courts are packed with six opioid trials reminiscent of the first American opioid trials that began almost three years Read More

Nonprofit and Former Case Manager Settle Discrimination Suit Over Remote Work Request

The U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants Inc. and a former case manager have advised a Florida federal court that they have settled their pending court case. Kristina Collado-Fernandez had accused the nonprofit organization of discrimination and retaliation after she asked to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic to care for her autistic son. The parties expect to file a formal settlement and request Read More

Bimbo Bakeries Strikes Deal to End DOL Sex Bias Probe

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has announced that Bimbo Bakeries will pay $131,216 in back pay and interest to 134 female applicants as part of a hiring discrimination agreement with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). The OFCCP enforces anti-discrimination laws against federal contractors and sub-contractors. The alleged hiring discrimination occurred at a Bimbo Bakeries USA Inc. Read More

Jiffy Lube Files Notice of Agreement to Settle Class Action on Employee No-Poach Policy

Jiffy Lube and a class of employees have filed their notice of agreement to settle a class action over the employer’s no-poach policy as to its employees. The parties intend to present a formal settlement agreement and a motion for the court to approve the settlement agreement within 30 to 45 days.  The no-poach policy prohibits franchisees from hiring employees who worked at another Jiffy Lube location. The Read More

AZ Workers Vote in 3rd American Unionized Starbucks Store

Workers at the Mesa, AZ Starbucks, located at Powers and Baseline Roads, overwhelmingly voted to unionize, choosing Workers United, which is affiliated with the Service Employees International Union, as its collective bargaining representative. The 25-3 vote in favor of unionizing came after Starbucks’ objections delayed an initial vote in February. The Mesa location is the third unionized Starbucks store in the Read More

Split 2nd Circuit Panel Rejects Ex-Disney Worker’s Bid for Severance

A split panel of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the Walt Disney Co. does not owe severance pay to a terminated former worker after she became unable to work following a stroke. The court found that since Nancy Soto’s termination did not fall within the definition of a “layoff,” Disney did not violate ERISA when it denied her a severance payment.  As a result, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Read More

Hyatt Wins Summary Judgment in Pandemic Furlough Suit

A California federal district court granted summary judgment to Hyatt Corporation against a class of former employees who alleged that they were entitled to accrued vacation time from Hyatt after Hyatt laid them off, indefinitely, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The judge found that by laying the employees off rather than terminating them, Hyatt had not severed the employer-employee relationship, and therefore Read More