DOL Issues Guidance on Association Multiple Employer Plans

New regulations from the Department of Labor (DOL) regarding Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs) are set to take effect later this year. Specifically, they outline three different types of MEPs and how the DOL will look at the unrelated businesses banding together to form the MEP. In particular, Association MEPs (also called Association Retirement Plans) are of interest to many employers, as they arise for a “bona fide Read More

Timing Your Company’s Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan

Companies provide different types of benefits to meet the interests and needs of their employees. One option to consider is a nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plan. A NQDC allows employees to earn wages and other types of compensation over the course of one tax year then defer those earnings and income tax obligations to a later year. Common examples of deferred compensation plans are supplemental executive Read More

October 2018 Newsletter | IRS Releases New Updates to EPCRS

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February 2016 Newsletter | ACA Reporting and COBRA | IRS Updates Form 8955-SSA Barcodes

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